General brewer questions

Why should I buy a Touch brewer vs. another single-serve brewer?

Before we set out to make our Touch brewers, we spoke with customers just like you. The overwhelming consensus was that in most brewers the water wasn’t hot enough, the flavor wasn’t rich enough and the brewers did not brew cups fast enough. We solved all those problems with our Touch brewer, so you have a cup of coffee house quality coffee right at home, heated to an optimal 200 degrees. Our brewers start brewing from a cold start in about 20 seconds and in just a few minutes or less you have a delicious cup ready for you.

Can I use my favorite brand of ground or whole bean coffee with a Touch brewer?

Touch brewers are compatible with any K-Cup portion packs. If the cup says K-Cups, you can use it in a Touch brewer. Also, you may buy reusable K-Cups and grind your own coffee anytime.

How hot is the water in a Touch brewer? Why is hot water important to the taste of coffee?

Touch prides itself on delivering coffee shop quality coffee. Coffee shops achieve their great flavor by using fresh water, heated to around 200 degrees and great coffee beans or grinds. For us to deliver on the perfect cup every time, we do the same so we may deliver on our promise to you of a perfect cup every time.

I am replacing my old Keurig brewer. Can I use the K-Cups I have with the Touch brewer?

All K-Cup portion packs are compatible with the Touch brewers.

What are the dimensions for the brewers? Will they fit under my counter?

H = 14” X W = 8 ¾” X D = 11 ½” (Electric cord feeds from rear base of brewer.)

How easy is it to set up my new Touch brewer?

Setting up your new Touch brewer is as easy as opening the box, removing the packing materials and plugging it in. We provide easy to follow instructions right in the box.

How fast will my brewer ship?

We process orders immediately and ship within 48 business hours of receipt. Depending upon your location, you may have your brewer in your home ready to use in 2 days. Once we receive your order, we will email you an order confirmation. When the brewer ships, you will receive a shipment confirmation so you know when you will receive your new Touch brewer.

Can I control the brew strength?

Yes, with our 314B and 414S brewers you can select from mild, medium or bold strength. Our 526 model defaults to bold.

How much electricity does the Touch brewer use?

We independently tested our brewers. If you make up to three cups of coffee every day for the entire year, you should use only about $3 in electricity vs. $18 or more with other brewers.

Is the temperature controllable?

Mild brews at 190 degrees, Medium at 195 degrees, and Bold at 200 degrees. The temperature of the water can vary with our brewers several options. For example, if you were to select a mild brew strength the water would come out at approximately 190 degrees, 195 degrees for medium strength and 200 degrees for our bold strength. Generally speaking, if you were to ask a barista at any coffee shop what the ideal temperature of water is for brewing, they would tell you 200 degrees. Reason being, at higher temperatures you are able to receive a better extract of flavor from the coffee grinds. Even so, we provided the coffee lover the option of mild and medium to fit his or her own personal taste. Most of the leading brewers out there limit you to only brewing at around 192 degrees which is the equivalent to our mild.

Besides coffee, what else can I brew in my Touch brewer?

You may brew any types of beverages as long as they come in a K-Cup compatible portion pack. That means you can brew teas, hot chocolate, coffee, espresso, apple cider and more.

What is the LA brand of coffee?

Thanks for asking. LA is a special blend of coffee we created right here in Los Angeles, CA. Like your home, Los Angeles is a special place. Each neighborhood has a distinctive feel and we developed a line of coffees that match the mood and electricity of our vibrant city. Our fans tell us that our coffee is rich, bold and flavorful.

How do I drain and store my Touch brewer?

That’s easy. Unplug your Touch brewer. Then, empty the reservoir, wash and dry it. Then, replace the reservoir, and put your Touch brewer back on your counter, in a cupboard or in the original packaging until you use it again.

Do I need to empty the reservoir every day?

No, you do not need to empty the water reservoir every day. Fill it to its maximum mark and use up the water. Then, fill it again with fresh water and you’re good to go.

How big is the water reservoir of my Touch brewer?

We love our large water reservoir. It holds 90 ounces of water, the largest in the industry, which means you can brew more cups of coffee before you have to refill the reservoir. That means no more running out of water mid-brew.

What is the warranty on your brewers?

Manufacturer warranty on your Touch brewer is 1 year from date of purchase, this includes parts and labor.

With the Touch brewer am I limited to only brewing one cup at a time?

Yes, however, with our T526S model you can brew up to 26 oz pot of coffee. All you need is the jumbo refillable cup and our carafe which are included with the T526S.

Can I use regular tap water with your brewer?

Yes, although filtered water is recommended. The issues found with using tap water are that it contains small amounts of chlorine which will through off the taste of your coffee. In addition to the chlorine, the pipes where you are receiving your water may be old and have a build up of mineral deposits which will affect taste as well.

How much coffee is in your Xbold cups?

Typically our Extra bold cup holds up to 15 grams of coffee. The amount of coffee in one of our cups can also vary depending on the roast and grind.

How often do I need to descale my brewer?

All the touch brewers are flushed or purged out with the brewer’s air pump after each cycle. This eliminates the need to have to descale the brewer. If you are using non-filtered water you may want to descale the brewer more often.

How can the Touch brewer have a faster cold start time?

The reason we can get your cup brewing much faster than other brewers is due to the innovative new flash heating technology our engineers have implemented in all of our brewers. However, even though we have a faster ready to brew time, we have added about 15 seconds longer into the brewing of your cup to extract all the flavor of the coffee. Overall, you still get a bolder cup of coffee in much less timethan the competitors.

Are any of the materials in your cups harmful?

None of the materials used in our cups or brewers are harmful. All the materials have been FDA approved.

How long will the coffee stay fresh in the Xbold cups?

It is recommended that to fully experience the taste and magic that Touch Coffee & Beverages has brought to your homes, you will generally want to brew the cup within 9 months. Or just follow the use by date on the cups.

How should I store my coffee pods?

You should store your cups in a cool dry place. It is not recommended you store your cups in the freezer because we are unsure whether or not this actually preserves or extends the life of your coffee. It can also cause the grind to bind and may alter the flavor once brewed.

How do I make an iced coffee or tea with your brewer?

Simply remove the drain tray, and fit in a container filled with ice. We suggest the bold setting be chosen for the brew cycle to get a robust iced drink, despite ice melt.